Consular Affairs

Visa Exemption for Thai Nationals
(Necessary Documents that might be required for Immigration Inspection on entering Japan)

28 June, 2013

The visa exemption measure is for those who wish to visit Japan for a short-term period for the purposes of sightseeing, visiting relatives, business, etc. and will be for a stay in Japan of not more than 15 days. For immigration inspection the officer might request any of the following documents to check your eligibility (※) before giving permission to enter the country.

(1) Return ticket

(2) Financial proof that the visitors can cover their travel expenses while in Japan such as cash, credit card, etc.

(3) Name, address, and telephone number of contact person, hotel, etc. in Japan

(4) Itinerary in Japan

(※) Conditions of entry with visa exemption:

1. Must hold a valid electronic passport

2. The activities that will be engaged while in Japan are not against Japanese law and appropriate for a short-term stay.

3. The period of stay must not be more than 15 days

4. Must never have been deported from Japan in the past, must not have been in the duration of denial of entry or be disqualified for entry by the Immigration laws and regulations.

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