Outline of The Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects


Upper limit of assistance

In principle, 10 million yen per project.
However, depending on the content of the project (for example, a project strongly reflecting human security), a maximum of 100 million yen may be available. 

Duration of project

Within one year from the day when a grant contract is signed.
GGP will not repeat grants for the same projects.

Eligible applicants

Medical Institutes, Education, Local Government, NGOs, International NGO engaged in socio-economic development project at grassroots level
Individuals and commercially based organizations are excluded. 

Focal areas of assistance *EOJ: Embassy of Japan

  • Projects that are highly beneficial at the grass-roots level
  • Project that are highly effective from small scale support
  • Project that require quickly support on humanitarian grounds etc.
From the perspective of basic living and human security, GGP gives priority to supporting particularly important fields.
Such as basic education facilities, improvement of fundamental medical equipment for hospitals. (Some examples granted by EOJ).
In addition to the areas described above, GGP addresses a variety of local needs in a flexible manner. Please contact the Embassy of Japan.
Apart from the above, GGP assists other programs such as:
  • Covering the shipping charges for used fire engines, ambulances, desks and chairs, etc. which are transported from Japan (Recycle GGP),
  • Supporting activities in connection with anti-personnel landmines (Anti-personnel landmine GGP).
On the other hand, the following areas and expenses are not covered by GGP assistance:
  • Projects for culture and sports which do not fit in GGP’s scope, since basic human needs are the main GGP focus, 
  • Projects with political or religious purposes, or for possible military use,  
  • Management and administrative costs (such as office management fees, salaries, etc.,)
  • Taxes and levies, maintenance costs, registration fees, etc.required in relation to equipment provided. 


The Embassy of Japan in Bangkok is responsible for all provinces except the 9 Northern
provinces listed above. For the 9 provinces, please contact the Consulate-General of Japan in Chiang Mai. If you plan to implement a project covering more than one province, please contact us. It may be covered by either the Embassy or the Consulate-General.

Procedure of GGP (EOJ: Embassy of Japan)

Submitting application to EOJ

Inspection by EOJ

Selection and approval by Foreign Ministry

Signing Grant contract with grant recipient / Starting the project

EOJ gives grant to granted recipient

Monitoring by EOJ / Sending report

Finish project

Submitting audit report and completion report to EOJ

Completion monitoring by EOJ

Submitting follow up report (2nd year)

Following up 2years after completion by EOJ
In addition to notify the result of application, the result will be notified after EOJ and Ministry of Foreign Affairs finish inspection.
Moreover, grant recipient will contact EOJ, when a problem occurs with the donated item even at timing other than above.