Consular Affairs


Multiple Entry Visa for Visiting Spouse or Parent who has a Working Visa in Japan

May 2013


The validity of the visa is 1 year and the length of each stay is a maximum of 90 days.

(Note) This multiple entry visa is for those who want to go for a short term visit. Those who plan to move to Japan must get a Certificate of Eligibility for Dependent Status from Japanese Immigration.


Those who qualify must fulfill A and B of the following criteria:


A. They must be the spouse (Note 1) or children (Note 2) of a foreigner who has a working visa with the length of stay of more than 1 year with the visa status specified below.

(Note 1) Those who are legally married with a valid marriage certificate.

(Note 2) Children of legitimate birth, adopted children and recognised children who are dependent on and still living with the parent (Note 1)


B. Those who have travelled to Japan in the past 3 years (Note 3) and while staying in Japan have never violated the Immigrant Control and Refugee Recognition Act or any other laws or regulations in Japan.


(Note 3) They must be able to show the previous entry and departure stamps in their passport.

Those who qualify to apply must be the spouse or children of a foreigner with the following Status of Residence: Diplomat, Official, Professor, Artist, Religious Activities, Journalist, Investor/Business Manager, Legal/Accounting Services, Medical Services, Researcher, Instructor, Engineer, Specialist in Humanities/ International Services, Intra-company Transferee, Entertainer, Skilled Labor, Designated Activities (a) or (b) and the status under the special provisions listed in “Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals” under the Ministerial Ordinance providing criteria pursuant to Article 7, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act under column of “Designated Activities” [limited to the part pertaining to (d)] of Appended Table 1 (5) shall be those designated in the following items (a)(b) or (c).


※Foreigner other than Thai nationals, please contact Visa Section.


Necessary documents for application

  1. Passport (with minimum 2 blank pages. If you used an old passport to travel last time, please present your old passport.)
  2. Application form is available at JVAC or can be downloaded here
  3. One photograph taken within the last 6 months. (The photograph must be 2 x 1.4 inches, black and white or color with plain background)
  4. Questionnaire is available at JVAC or can be downloaded here
  5. House Registration (the original and one photocopy)
  6. One of the following sets of documents dated not more than 3 months before the date of application
    (a) Certificate of employment from your company including position, the date of joining, salary, and the dates of annual leave (original)
    (b) Certificate of commercial registration of your company (a certified copy)
    (c) If you are a housewife, student or otherwise dependent, you must submit a certificate of employment or certificate of commercial registration of your spouse or guardian (original)
    (d) If you are a student who is more than 16 years old, you must submit a certificate of enrolment from your school (original)
  7. If you have changed your name or surname since your last visit, please attach the certificate of name change, surname change, marriage certificate or divorce certificate (original and one photocopy)
  8. Documents providing travel expense details
    If you are traveling at your own expense, you must submit your own bank pass book. (The original and one photocopy with all transaction pages)
    If your inviter who has a Working Visa for Japan is bearing your travel expenses, you must submit one or more of the following certificates proving his or her financial status such as certificate of tax payment (No.2), bank certification of deposit, copy of the application for annual income tax payment or income payment certificate.(one set)
  9. The invitation letter from your inviter which must indicate the reason for requesting a MULTIPLE entry visa. (one set)
  10. Itinerary (one set)
  11. Residence record of inviter (complete version) (original)
  12. A photocopy of the residence card (or the alien registration card) of inviter both sides.
    Those who have Diplomatic or Official Visa, please contact Visa Section.
  13. Document that indicates the relationship between inviter and spouse or children such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, house registration, etc.
  14. If you meet a certain criteria for a representative to apply on your behalf, please check the following details.
    In case a representative is applying on your behalf, you need to submit an authorization letter (English) (Japanese) (Thai)


  1. Please clearly inform the counter staff that you are requesting a MULTIPLE entry visa.
  2. If the documents are insufficient or incomplete, we may not be able to accept your application.
  3. In some cases, we may not be able to grant the length of stay and the validity of visa that you request.
  4. In some cases, we may request additional documents.
  5. For more information, please contact JVAC or Visa Section by phone. English speaking staff will assist you.