Consular Affairs


Multiple Entry Visa for Distinguished Persons (for Nationals of the Asia-Pacific Region)

October 2011  

Nationality of applicants

Applicants must be persons who are nationals of countries in the Asia-Pacific region.


(Note 1)

If you have questions regarding the definition of applicable Asia-Pacific countries, please contact JVAC or the Embassy by phone. Nationals from some countries in the region are already exempt from temporary visa conditions, or are entitled with other conditions.


(Note 2)

If you do NOT have a work permit or legitimate long term residency in Thailand, you cannot apply for a Japanese visa in Thailand, even if you are a national of one of the countries in the region.


1. Purpose of journey

Short term stay (less than 90 days) without employment, remunerative activities, or exercising a profession.


2. Those who qualify

Those who meet one of the following criteria (Accompanying spouse and children who are applying together can also request multiple entry visa, if necessary.)

  1. Internationally acclaimed artists
  2. Distinguished scholars
  3. Distinguished amateur athletes
  4. University lecturers and above
  5. Employees of public research institutes and museums ( Directors and above)

If you need to obtain a multiple entry visa but do not meet the above criteria, please consult with JVAC or the Embassy before applying.


3. Necessary documents for application

  1. Passport (with minimum 2 blank pages and with re-entry permit to Thailand. Please present your old passports, if any.)
  2. Application form is available at JVAC or can be downloaded here
  3. One photo taken within the last 6 months. (The photograph must be 2x1.4 inches, black and white or color with plain background)
  4. Questionnaire is available at JVAC or can be downloaded here
  5. Work permit issued by the Thai government (the original and one photocopy with all stamped pages)
  6. Reason for requesting a MULTIPLE entry visa or Letter of invitation including the necessity for a MULTIPLE entry visa
  7. Supporting documents for the above No.2.(a) – (e), such as
    • Certificate of employment from your company including position, salary, and the date of joining (an original dated not more than 3 months before the date of application)
    • Curriculum vitae (CV)
    • Relevant book(s) or magazine(s) that mention the applicant's achievements
  8. If you meet a certain criteria for a representative to apply on your behalf, please check the following details.
    In case a representative is applying on your behalf, you need to submit an authorization letter (English) (Japanese) (Thai) PDF written by yourself.

In case of accompanying spouse or children, please submit the following in addition to the above No.3.1– 4:

  1. Marriage certificate (for spouse) or birth certificate (for children) the original and one photocopy
  2. Reason for requesting a MULTIPLE entry visa
  3. In case of accompanying spouse or children applying separately from the multiple entry visa holder, please submit a photocopy of the passport of the multiple entry visa holder showing photo page and multiple entry visa page.


  1. Please clearly inform the counter staff that you are requesting a MULTIPLE entry visa.
  2. If the documents are insufficient or incomplete, we may not be able to accept your application.
  3. On the date of application, JVAC will hand you a receipt in exchange for your passport and you will find the collection date of your passport on the receipt. The average time required for the necessary examination is 5 working days, but in some cases the Embassy will request additional documents or an interview, which will take longer. If you have not heard from us more than 10 days after your application, you can call us and check progress by quoting the 8 digit barcode number on your receipt.
  4. For more information, please contact JVAC or the Embassy by phone. English speaking staff will assist you.